Entertainment Studios Central Plant, Stages and Studios, Phase I & II

Project Description PPC worked with the studio to identify their goals, design the project and to create and update budget costs.  The construction schedule was created to accommodate the studios requirements.  The schematic design, the design development and the construction development designs were completed within four months.  The project included construction of a cooling tower yard and the conversion of an existing power house building into a new central plant building. The central plant contains the chiller, electrical room and control room. The cooling tower, condenser water system, make-up water and filtration systems are contained in an adjacent yard. Chilled water is provided to the campus through an underground and aboveground distribution system.  A flexible initial design was used so that the chiller plant could be expanded for an additional chiller in Phase II.  Phase II included a 750-ton chiller, pumps, an absorption chiller with (2) co-generation units, and additional campus piping.

Project Type Design Build


Mechanical Engineer
P2S Engineering             

Contract Amount            
Phase I: $7.4 million
Phase II: $10.7

Phase I: April 2010
Phase II: January 2013    
Unique Features    
The existing HVAC system for the buildings consisted of inefficient, high maintenance systems. The studio desired to replace these systems, with a centralized, energy efficient central plant with strict sound dissipation goals. The visual impact of the system was of importance.  The studio was operational during construction; therefore great efforts were taken to minimize interference with productions. PPC held the contract direct with the studio and led the design and build team.