Citrus Community College Central Plant

Project Description PPC constructed a new central plant building that contains the cooling and heating equipment, electrical, and control systems.  An adjacent open yard contains the cooling tower, make-up water and filtration systems.  Chilled and heating hot water is provided to the campus through an underground and above-ground distribution system.  The cooling equipment consisted of (2) 600-ton chillers, primary and secondary pumping systems and a TES tank.  The heating equipment consists of (6) high-efficiency hot water boilers and primary variable flow pumping systems.

Project Type Plans and Specifications


General Contractor            
Plumbing, Piping, and Construction, Inc.  

Mechanical Engineer           
P2S Engineering 

Contract Amount            
$6.8 million  

October 2007

Unique Features     
The project took place while the College was in session, minimal disruption to the students and the faculty was of key importance.