Caltech Beckman Institute Professor Siapas Laboratory

Project Description This project was a small, but highly complex laboratory that includes a clean room with a fume hood, a histology lab with fume hood, sensitive recording rooms, and a server room with high-density computers and self-contained chilled water server/racks.  The laboratory also includes laboratory fume controls, (7) tight-tolerance temperature/pressure control zones, humidification, occupied/unoccupied controls to reduce the air flow rates and energy usage during unoccupied periods.  The plumbing system includes process utilities including DI water, natural gas, vacuum, high-pressure air, laboratory air, acid waste and vent, industrial cold water, steam and condensate return piping, domestic cold water, sanitary waste and vent, and industrial waste.

Project Type Design and Build


General Contractor           
DPR Construction 

Architect of Record            
Steinberg Architects

Mechanical Engineer            
P2S Engineering

Contract Amount             

February 2015